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    How CGS Can Improve Your Company’s Operating Performance

    There is nothing more annoying than managing your IT infrastructure.  Not only is it complicated, it is time consuming.  And it can be expensive.  If your company does not have the resources in house to deliver these services continuously, your business could face revenue loss.  Plus, it could make your clients doubt the efficiency of your business. But do not worry!  You do not have to tackle all of these concerns and focus on your business at the same time.  Instead, you can use CGS’s broad range of services for infrastructure, application development and hosted solutions. Continue reading

  • Toll free numbers (freephone) do exactly what they say on the tin – they’re free for the dialing party to call. In the USA, they are commonly signified by an 800 number, and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. In the UK, they begin with 0800, 0808, or 0500 (they’re usually British Telecom numbers). They may not be free from cellphones, but they are from landlines. Continue reading

  • What is it?

    Everyone needs to keep track of edits, whether you're working on an essay or part of a team trying to remember which edit your boss wants... but no one can find it. (Keep your desktop tidy. I need to do the same. Using your desktop as a catchall is a bad idea.) Continue reading

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