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New Magento Secure Payment Bridge Delivers Improvements

Friday, December 26th, 2014 by

magento secure payment bridge

New Magento Secure Payment Bridge Delivers Improvements

An updated version of Magento Secure Payment Bridge, the PA-DSS certified payment application offered by Magento to help merchants meet PCI compliance, is now available.

The update will work with Magento Enterprise Edition,, and, and includes the following improvements:

  • PSiGate can now handle orders with 100% discounts that cover the product price… but not the shipping charges.
  • Merchants will no longer receive a decline error if a fixed discount is applied to an order processed by the PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway.
  • Merchants can now receive an ‘appointed’ status update from PayOne to indicate the payment process has been successfully initiaited.
  • Timeout issues with Worldplay has been resolved.
  • Merchants who are on Magento Enterprise Edition,, or and are experiencing any of these issues should upgrade to Magento Secure Payment Bridge at their earliest convenience.

    How Can I Be PCI Compliant on Magento?

    You have a few options on how to achieve PCI Complaince—but it might require some changes to how you handle credit card processing.

    Currently, Payment Bridge is not available for Community Edition, but there are several options for achieving PCI Compliance on Magento:

    1) Use only hosted payment methods (PayPal express, cybersource hosted order page, authorizenet SIM) and you’re out of ‘PCI scope’—meaning you don’t have your software be PCI Certified because you’re not storing any credit card information locally or processing any transaction on your server.

    The downsite: You are redirected to another site, which is not really a seamless solution and the Conversion expert in us would advise against this.

    2) Using a SaaS PCI compliant payment application like CRE Secure—which again puts you out of ‘PCI scope’ again because the actual credit card processing happens offsite on someone else’s server that is already PCI Certified.

    This service essentially serves up the checkout page from their server and processes the transaction there. Best yet, it supports 4 of the primary payment gateways used today with, Paypal, Chase Paymentech, and Payleap so you can most likely stick with your current merchant services provider.

    3) Use our Magento Payment Bridge solution – you’re out of “PCI scope” with Magento, and the Payment Bridge (smaller, simpler, separate app) solution is the software that needs to be compliant – which it already is.  This is available free of charge with Enterprise and Professional Editions of Magento and would require an upgrade from Community Edition.

    Additional information about Magento Secure Payment Bridge and PCI compliance can be found on the Magento website.

    Magento Classes: What You Can Learn at Magento U

    Thursday, December 25th, 2014 by

    magento classes


    At one of our previous meetups, we were asked by an attendee if there was a place where he could take Magento courses. Well, look no further for anyone who’s interested… Magento’s own website has a page on Magento training which explains what some of the options are for furthering your Magento education.

    Magento Classes at the U

    Magento U provides relevant training courses to help you maximize your Magento implementation. Courses are created and delivered by Magento experts, and include practical, hands-on exercises so you can immediately put into practice what you have learned.

    Instructor-Led Classroom

    Take advantage of focused, uninterrupted time learning Magento in a classroom setting at one of our training locations near you. Engage with other students and learn from their experiences. Receive a copy of all course materials.

    Instructor-Led Online

    Remain productive at the office while enhancing your Magento skills. Delivered through an easy to use online training web-conferencing tool, our Instructor-Led Online courses enable students to interact real-time with the instructor.

    On-Demand Online

    Learn anywhere, anytime with our OnDemand video courses. Our best courses delivered to you whenever you want them.


    Some of the courses include Quick Start to Magento Customization, Fundamentals of Magento Development, and Magento Checkout series. You can view all of them in the catalog.

    Magento U Training Units

    Magento U Training Units offer you a simple way to purchase Magento U training for your team at a discounted rate. Magento U Training Units are pre-paid credits that give you the flexibility to purchase training in advance and apply it throughout the year.

    Magento Certification

    Experienced Magento professionals can validate their real-world skills by earning a Magento Certification. Magento Certification Exams are geared toward professionals who want to differentiate themselves from the competition with the ultimate Magento credential. You can learn about getting your Magento certification on this page.

    Nextopia: Easy Integration With Your Platform

    Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 by



    What’s Nextopia?

    Nextopia is one of the largest eCommerce employers in Toronto, situated in the heart of the downtown core in a new 10,000 square foot HQ. The company prides themselves in fostering an environment where success flourishes. Nextopia is always hiring and looking for new talent.

    “We’re in the business of helping retailers sell smarter. We do this by supplying our customers with the tools and control they need to convert browsers into buyers. With over 1,600 customers, we’re the #1 global provider of eCommerce site search and navigation solutions. Our powerful technology streamlines and supercharges your sales and merchandising efforts, provides vital customer data through our back-end analytics, and improves your customers’ shopping experience.”

    Who Uses Nextopia

    What kind of companies use our site search, navigation, merchandizing and personalization technology?

  • The companies you meet at trade shows
  • The companies you read about in the general and online retailing media
  • The companies whose stores you visit at the local mall
  • The companies whose websites you visit to buy the products or services you don’t sell
  • The companies that appear annually on the Internet Retailer Top 500 list
  • The companies aspiring to become all of the above
  • The range is pretty vast, but with more than 1,600 customers, answering the question, “who is the typical Nextopia customer?” is pretty challenging.

    You’ll find all sorts of Nextopia customers selling products and services across a huge variety of industries and categories. They’re publicly listed. Others are privately funded. Some have large internal IT departments. At others, the same person answers the support line, fills the boxes and cuts the checks to suppliers, all while trying to improve their PHP coding skills. They are a varied lot. You probably get the picture.

    Nextopia’s Partners

    Nextopia’s partners are a varied group — from web designers and developers, to eCommerce platform providers, shopping carts, and application providers. What we all share is the common goal of providing our customers with the best technology possible — and in our case, the ability to provide retailers with cutting-edge site search, navigation, merchandizing, and personalization technology.

    Magento Cafe: 10 Best Magento Themes for Cafes, Restaurant and Hotels

    Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 by

    Magento is one of the most popular open source e-commerce CMS platformers on the market, with some of the major benefts including mobile visibility, all browser compatability, responsive and robust design and way more.

    Magento also has tons of amazing themes for you to install, with templates related to cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

    Here are the 10 best Magento themes we’ve gathered for your hotel, cafe and restaurant business sites.


    Coffee Store – Creative Premium Magento Theme

    magento cafe

    Coffee store Magento theme could be the ideal one for your cafe website. This theme provides you with a lot of maintenance features, among which site management, marketing and promotions, payment, checkout and shipping management features are the most important.

    The creative and the unique design of the theme helps you get the most attention from the traffic. The simple yet stylish design of the template makes it one of its kinds. The theme supports English, French, Spanish and Russian language. The theme installation and the set up instructions come along with the theme.


    Japanese Cuisine – Magento Theme for cafes and restaurant websites

    magento cafe

    Japanese cuisine Magento theme is an ideal cafe and restaurant websites that has a unique design which effectively attract the eyeballs of your target customers. However this design of the template can be easily customized.

    With facilities such as useful shop maintenance features, marketing and promotion tools,responsive slider, customer service features and a lot more. The browser compatibility feature of this theme ensures that your website looks equally appealing, no matter which browser is used to open the site.


    Coffee store – Premium Magento Theme for Cafe and Restaurant Websites

    magento cafe

    This theme could also be the right option for your cafe website. With the fluid layout, drag and drop facility the template has gained quite a lot of importance. However this template has so other features as well. This theme supports several language as well including English, French, Spanish and Russian.

    With cloud zoom, HTML 5 facilities this theme has gained prominence. The responsive retina displayis however, another facility that helps you gain greater number of traffic in your website.


    Tea Time – Fully Responsive Premium Magento Cafe Theme

    magento cafe

    Tea Cafe’s are quite cool and extremely trendy these days. More the demand of the tea cafe’s are increasing, several Magento themes are also coming forward. However, among the Tea cafe Magento themes, this theme deserves special mention. The refreshing images with the appropriate colour themes create an elegant look.

    You can also add the subsidiary menu and newsletter subscription form at the bottom. CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, Semantic code, Valid coding options are available with the template. Alongside, you also get cloud zoom and social icons which adds an extra plus to this theme.


    Coffee Cafe – Best Magento Theme suitable for Cafe websites

    magento cafe

    For coffee cafes this template could be just appropriate. The warm brown colour and the uncommon yet stylish fonts give it a glamorous look altogether. This design can be successively used for coffee, tea and other beverages websites.

    To make the navigation visual, drop down menu is supplied with images which further enhance the look of the website. The smart slider and three promo banners speak about your quality products louder than any words.


    The Coffee Store – Premium Magento Cafe Theme

    magento cafe

    With the elegant and simple design of this theme, you can easily take your online cafe business to the peak. The easy payment options, customer support, marketing and online promotion tools give you a reason to choose this template for your website.


    My Coffee Store – Great Magento Cafe Commerce Theme for Coffee Store websites

    magento cafe

    With a great look and design this theme will make your online restaurant website unique in the thousands of the websites running over the internet.

    With the powerful admin panel you can easily customize what ever section you want with out having much technical skills. By seeing the home page of this theme the visitors will feel the richness of your restaurant.


    Balosa – innovative Magento commerce theme for restaurant websites

    magento cafe

    This theme is one of the most scrumptious, delicious web templates built for Magento e-commerce. This theme is supported by MT slideshow so you can show most attractive photos of the food items.

    This theme is also comes with attractive features like mega menu, Thumbnail scroller, and some product sliders.With this theme you can make your online restaurant website very innovative and can gain more traffic to your website.


    EM 24/7 – Premium Magento Cafe Theme for Hotels and Restaurants

    magento cafe

    This is one of the best Magento theme which is available for the hotel and restaurant business websites. It is having a nice slider on the home page on which you can show your delicious food item photos. This theme is built on top of the 960 grid system, so your website will be compatible with the most of the web browsers.

    Also HTML5 and CSS3 has been used to develop this theme. Its having a nice feature of placing the sliders where ever you want to place from the available types of sliders. This theme is also compatible with the most of the extensions available on the web.


    EM Royal Hotel – Magento Theme for hotel and Lodge websites

    magento cafe

    EM Royal hotel Magento Theme comes with three sub themes included with 20+ transitions slideshow. All blocks are customized including product catalogue pages, checkout progress.

    This template has cross browser support and can be opened by using any browser. In addition, this template is SEO orient in design and development. Well structured and commented HTML and CSS for easy customization. The user also gets a full user guide documentation to help you install and utilize the theme.

    Top 10 Ecommerce Sites – The Best Designs

    Monday, December 22nd, 2014 by

    Top 10 Ecommerce Sites – The Best Designs

    We’ve scoured the Web for the best of the best e-commerce websites in terms of design, and found these sites to have the most stunning and inspirational designs of everything we’ve seen.

    Here’s a list of all the sites, with screenshots and a brief overview of the company.

    1) Reebok E-Commerce

    top 10 ecommerce sites

    Reebok’s site was redesigned by Voltage in 2012 with a handful of new features, graphics, and improved usability that provides for a more effective shopping experience.

    VOLTAGE also redesigned the YOUR Reebok pages for better usability and conversion.

    About Reebok: Reebok is an American-inspired, global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women’s categories. The brand is committed to designing products and marketing programs that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo.


    2) My Own Bike

    top 10 ecommerce sites

    My Own Bike’s website allows you to design your own bicycle, which is then custom-built and assembled by their team in Dusseldorf, and delivered to you personally.

    Taken from their website (which we translated from its original German tongue)….

    “myownbike is no ordinary bike shop . myownbike only offers single speed bicycles. myownbike Single Speeds have only one gear (input bike), the (Fixie Fixed Gear /) can be driven from day to day with free wheel or rigid gear.

    myownbike dispensed with maintenance-prone and not absolutely necessary components on urban single speed bike and just focus on the essentials. Back to the original form of cycling. Your myownbike Single Speed ​​is your perfect city bike – simple, minimalist but still exquisitely and individually.”


    3) Spyder E-Commerce

    top 10 ecommerce sites

    Spyder Trap is an Online Marketing agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota that builds customized marketing solutions to meet your specific business needs.

    Our smart-as-a-whip team of strategists, creatives, programmers and web brains work together to understand your current situation, develop a customized online strategy and implement a marketing mix that takes you where you want to go.”


    4) Hunter’s Wine Shop

    top 10 ecommerce sites

    Hunter’s Wine Shop’s website features an old-fashioned design which recalls old print adverts that the guys from Mad Men might have been producing. Pictures of the Hunter’s Wine Shop team can be seen throughout the website, which shows that the company is very open about being a very close-knit, family-owned business. 

    We give this design credit for being humble, alluring, and refreshingly unique.


    5) Soho Fixed Bikes

    top 10 ecommerce sites

    Like My Own Bike, Soho Fixed Bikes also sells custom-made bike.

    The premise is simple: every few weeks we build a unique, custom-designed fixed wheel/single speed road bike and put it up for sale on this site.

    “SohoFixed bikes are hand-built using a selection of new and unique retro parts then custom-painted using the latest powder-coating techniques.”

    The bikes appear to be in good condition, and are presented in an American Apparel-sameness which strangely doesn’t graze on us. We like this design.


    6) The Hungarian Wine

     hungarian wine

    Unlike Hunter’s Wine Shop, the website here is slightly more modern, and has that exquisite display that you would expect from a standard wide menu.

    The wines are presented with a UK currency, and seem geared toward people with good taste—which certainly matches the rest of the website.


    7) AYR


    “Good design is always in season,” says the AYR website. And what a season it is… The girl on the front page certainly seems to be enjoying it.

    Aside from the sexy girl on the front page of the site, we also have a great display for the shop, with real-live models who don’t just look like they’re being forced into a photoshoot.


    ayr french girl

    Well, she’s certainly dressed to succeed. And if you want to look at all the other girls on the website, I’m sure that you can have hours of fun…


    8) A Modern Eden

    top 10 ecommerce sites

    A Modern Eden is brand targeting young hip parents looking for modern designs and products for their children. The website is very kid-friendly and features a lot of happy animals. And if the lyrics to “Old McDonald Has a Farm” doesn’t enter your head when you’re browsing the site, then you certainly have less of a weird mind than we do…


    9) Blubolt


    bluCommerce is the powerful eCommerce platform built by blubolt that drives high-volume eCommerce operations across the world. The website has a very placid, corporate design, but you surely don’t have to be a genius to know that the simple, blue design is a perfect fit for the name, ‘bluCommerce.’


    10) Hard Graft

    top 10 ecommerce sites

    Saving one of the best for last, Hard Graft features a very straightforward design, with the products out in front, stunning you with their impressive size.

    Whether you need a case for your phone, or a new wallet, it seems that Hard Graft can certainly hook you up with either, and more.