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    With companies now searching for new ways up to step up in the revolution of omni channel commerce, China's biggest property developer Dalian Wanda Group has recently announced that they are starting a new venture with Internet giants Baidu and Tencent.

    Baidu is currently the #1 search engine in China, and Tencent ranks as the fourth-largest company in the world after Google. Wanda will join these companies to integrate online and offline selling in an effort to compete with Alibaba, another major Chinese company whose platforms account for over 80 percent of Chinese online commerce.

    "The development of... online-to-offline models is an inevitable trend in e-commerce," said Dalian Wanda CEO Dong Ce, who added that the joint resources of the three companies would make Dalian Wanda the biggest of its kind.

    The alliance will also change the landscape of China's e-commerce market, and make the nation closer in step with the revolution of omni channel commerce, which concerns a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels, including mobile Internet devices, computers, brick-and-mortar, television, and radio.

    Consumers today are expecting more from ecommerce than employees can possibly deliver, so it's a very smart move for Dalian Wanda to stay ahead of the game. Wanda hopes more will become customers at its shopping malls, movie theaters and hotels through this new e-commerce platform.

    The platform will give Chinese mobile internet users the option of searching for a nearby product or service—say a massage, or a movie, or a workout—finding a place that offers it, and making the purchase, through one integrated process.

    Wanda said it estimates its shopping malls and other outlets will attract 5 billion customers a year by 2020, making the company the "world's largest offline commerce platform." Dong said the company expects to sign up 40 million e-commerce users this year and increase the total to 100 million by next year.

  • Last week, Hara Partners participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


    We had a lot of fun, and we'd like to thank everybody for nominating us. To continue onward with this wonderful tradition, we're nominating the following people to take on this challenge:

    These people have 24 hours to complete this challenge for the ALS association.


    More Info About ALS:

    ALS (also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) was first brought to national by Lou Gehrig in 1939. It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. This progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to death.


    How You Can Help:

    If you'd like to aid the ALS Association, we recommend that you also take the Ice Bucket Challenge and nominate your friends, or donate directly to the ALS Association.

  • salestax

    With the calculation of sales taxes now requiring more accuracy than ever, ZIP codes are fast becoming a relic of the past. If one ZIP code can contain four different sales tax rates, how can anyone predict the correct sales tax rate without foregoing some critical information?

    With so many jurisidctions generating rates, rules, and boundaries, sales tax complaince can be a nightmare for businesses. When businesses sell into new states, they must track even more rates, rules, and boundaries.

    One fast way to eliminate human error regarding sales taxes is through our Magento Sales Tax and Use Tax module.  Your tax lookups will be fully automated in the shopping cart and during the checkout process. The module also deliver SaaS-based tax rates, and allows drag-and-drop mapping by product, automatically correlating to a comprehensive list of nationwide product codes for every industry.


  • takealot


    Takealot has recently announced that they are buying all of, a curated fashion and lifestyle eCommerce platform targeting young millennial consumers.

    “We are super excited about the acquisition,” Takealot CEO Kim Reid told the media in a press release last week. “The millennial generation is deemed to be the most powerful and relevant market on the planet and we have managed to acquire a business run by millennials, focused on millennials. They have a great team and we are going to have fun building the business together.”

    Similarly,, formerly known as Citymob back when it was founded by entrepreneur Luke Jedeikin in 2010, went through its own identity revamp late last year, having undergone extensive branding to move away from the flashmob site model and towards a curated marketplace for young consumers to buy street culture fashion, gadgets and decor.

    Despite a 100% takeover of the site, Jedeikin told Moneyweb that Superbalist will continue to operate as an independent entity.

    What is Takealot?

  was officially launched in June 2011 with the goal of being the largest, most customer centric online shopping destination in Africa.

    The business has evolved rapidly since inception, expanding category selection from the traditional categories of entertainment to lifestyle categories like Home and Kitchen. Today is one of the fastest growing, most innovative ecommerce retailers on the African continent.

  • _77070496_amazon.parcel.moving.g


    Amazon's branch in China has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Shanghai. The deal will pave the way for Amazon to bring millions of its e-commerce product offerings from around the world directly to Chinese customers.

    Amazon has declined to comment on how much it will spend to set up business in the Shanghai FTZ.

    In a statement emailed to the BBC, Doug Gurr, president for Amazon China said: "We seek to be the most customer-obsessed on-line shopping platform with vast selections, competitive price and most convenience in China. Today's partnership announcement with FTZ and SII will help Amazon further realise our vision."

    Under the pact, Amazon will open its new cross-border e-commerce platform in the free trade zone. The online retailer will also establish a logistics and warehouse centre in the FTZ, whereby imported goods will enter China via the zone's cross-border e-commerce platform.


  • Barcode scan Finding the right shipping partner is one of the biggest e-commerce challenges.

    One of the biggest e-commerce challenges is finding a sensible middle ground for shipping charges. Charge too little and there's no profit left, charge too much and your shoppers will go elsewhere. In fact, research has shown that shipping charges is the single largest cause of cart abandonment, with over 44% of buyers ditching because delivery fees were simply too costly.

    Still, shipping is perhaps the most vital aspect of e-commerce as far as consumer perception is concerned. Evidence of this is that the paramount feature of the Google Trusted Stores designation is verified shipping estimates.

    Read on for some insight into finding the right shipper for you.

    Your Market:

    Do you ship locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally? For local and regional shippers smaller, region-based shippers may be the best option, but if yours is a global operation, the smaller carriers clearly aren't for you.

    Your Products:

    Many carriers are unable to ship “specialty” items. Some won’t ship very small packages, and some won’t ship overly large ones. Items requiring special care – electronic or medical equipment, food items, etc. – will also limit your options. Finally, if your products are consider offering insurance options


    Providing tracking information to your customers is an absolute must. Whether shopping on Etsy or Amazon, consumers in today’s market take it for granted that tracking information will be provided, not fulfilling that expectation is one way to guarantee a customer won’t be back for a second purchase.

    Average Order Size:

    Regardless of how great the prices your shipper offers, if they can’t meet your demand they are useless. One thing to be wary of; shippers will usually charge different prices for different size packages, makes sure to read the contract carefully to ensure your biggest needs get the best prices.

    Shipping Speed and Reliability:

    An important question to ask a prospective shipping partner is how long it will take for your products to reach their destinations. Customer expectation is very high in this regard, and speedy shipping is a big factor in customer retention. A second question, perhaps of even greater import, is whether the shipper will meet his stated delivery dates. Slow shipping can be forgiven, missed delivery times never are.


    Does the shipper have an API that will work with your e-com platform? Robust integration will save you time when it comes to processing. And time, as everyone knows, equals money.

  • ????????????

    CBRE recently released a report titled E-Commerce and the Changing U.S. Industrial Landscape, in which they explain how increasing demand from the e-commerce sector for new, "big-box" facilities is reshaping the U.S. industrial market. The result of the increased demand is a strong leasing market for Class A space and build-to-suit developments, and has prompted the return of speculative construction.

    E-commerce demands fuels Industrial Real Estate Market Boom

    As per Scott Marshall, Executive Managing Director for Industrial Services, Americas, CBRE, "Demand from e-commerce companies has played a leading role in the recovery of the U.S. industrial real estate market over the past two years. During the first quarter of 2014, virtually all U.S. markets were buoyed by strong demand for distribution space from the e-commerce sector. Supply chain demand was centered in major inland and coastal port markets, resulting in strong absorption and shrinking availability in markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Houston."

    Due to the limited availability of big-box facilities there is now a supply and demand imbalance in the industrial Class A market. In response, developers are signing build-to-suit deals at rates unheard of since prior to the recession, and building has already begun on approximately 45.7 million sq. ft. of speculative development. However, with estimates of current e-commerce requirements in the range of 30 million sq. ft. and the fact that e-commerce demand is still climbing it remains unlikely that supply will catch up to the demand anytime soon.

    By 2017, online sales could be 10% of all retail sales

    Head of Supply of Chain Services at CBRE Adam Mullen put it this way, "By 2017, online sales could account for more than one-tenth of all U.S. retail sales, up from 6.2% in 2013. To keep up with growing demand, e-commerce companies and, increasingly, traditional retailers are making major investments in big-box facilities that function both as warehouses to store goods and distribution centers to fulfill online orders."

  • In a recent announcement NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) revealed that Kii Corporation, a mobile back-end-as-a-service and data synchronization technology company has chosen NetSuite OneWorld to drive its global business growth.

    Kii Corp

    Kii Corp.

    Kii Corp. is a global enterprise business solutions provider, with numerous enterprise- level offerings. The flagship program is the Kii Cloud Mobile Backend, an all-encompassing mBaas for mobile app developers which includes user and data management, in app analytics, ad network integration, and access to strategic distribution partnerships. The technology up-and-comer also offers Kii-to-China – an enhanced facilitator for those looking to enter the Chinese market. And Kii Capital a venture capital fund dedicated to mobile apps.

    Kii Corp. began in 2007 as Synclore Corp, a company focused on mobile data synchronization technology. In 2010 Synclore Corp merged with Servo Software and became Kii Corp. Learn more at

    NetSuite Inc.

    NetSuite Inc. is a world leader in cloud computing business management software suites. NetSuite’s powerful enterprise solutions allow businesses to minimize redundancies and maxime efficiency by combining all core business operations in a single system, merging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce into one powerful platform.  NetSuite's game-changing "real-time dashboard" technology provides an easy-to-use view into up-to-date, role-specific business information. NetSuite OneWorld provides cloud based business management tailored for global enterprise.The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. Its website is at

  • unclouded-app-600x300


    Unclouded, a new app which is launching today, is able to give you a level of insight into your online storage usage that you may have never had before.  The app not only informs you of how much storage you've used on a cloud drive, but is also able to show you your largest files and folders, and group them by category and item, locating duplicates, and more.

    While overuse hasn't been such a major issue since the move to cloud services, the cost of additional monthly charges makes it necessary for the visibility of all files, to make sure that they can be easily viewed and managed. The app also allows you to see the largest files and folders, group them by category and time, locate duplicates, and more. The app also works offline.

    Uncloud's creator, Christian Göllner, was inspired to produce the app when his own account had grown to host an unorganized mess of roughly 170,000 files.

    “I needed software to tell me which files and folders are using my space, what type of files – photos, music, etc. – [they were], when they were created or modified, and I also needed to clean my duplicates,” he explained. “Nothing like this was out there, so I decided to create it."

  • If you're currently running a Magento based website, you should know that conversion rate is one of the most important factors for your site's success.

    The importance of the conversion rate lies in its ability to boost conversion rate of your website to increase the sales of your business. The following infographic from contains some invaluable advice for eCommerce webmasters who are interested in increasing the success of their business.

    (click below for the full-size version)


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