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  • Has Amazon Finally Got Some Competition?


    In our fast-paced lives, the last thing the majority of us want to do is charge through crowds of people in search for that sale bargain in the immortally busy, high street shops. And, it is this laziness that Amazon relies on.

    Amazon has ruled the online retail scene for years – squashing the competitors beneath its dominant presence.  In 2013, its overall sales were as vast as those of its subsequent 12 competitors, combined.  Is it possible for any online retailer to compete against Amazon?

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  • Dydacomp, a leading provider of advanced ERP and mail-order solutions to growing small and mid-sized retailers announced the acquisition of ChannelBrain. Channel Brain is the number one provider for software integration with Dydacomp’s software sotluions that give the ability to multi-channel retailers to connect their management system used for processing orders to all of their selling channels in an easy and affordable way. Dydacomp is here to give the most in depth and adjustable software solutions that can be used to manage and complete sales from various channels with one easy view, this is designed to give retailers the necessary tools and knowledge to grow their business and scale up their customer service.

    dydacomp channelbrain dydacomp channelbrain

    BizSync XL is  a software which was designed by ChannelBrain to easily incorporate Dydacomps industry-leading-back-office order management solution, order manager for multichannel use. This order manager is also known as (M.O.M.) it is within the current suite of Magento’s eCommerce solutions, and has a powerful functionality that give’s its users the ability to completely automate and greatly improve upon their online business productivity and general success.

    “With the acquisition of ChannelBrain, we provide small and medium-sized businesses with the most flexible and comprehensive order, inventory and customer management solutions on the market,” stated Fred Lizza, CEO of Dydacomp. “BizSyncXL is the perfect complement to our product portfolio, offering Magento users the connectivity tools to implement the most powerful order management solution to grow their online and offline businesses.”

    BizSyncXL has been designed to offer perfect integration to M.O.M. and give the retailers the ability to easily synchronize their inventory, prices, and their order information between Magento services and M.O.M.

    All of the employees at ChannelBrain will stay put, they will continue to work with Dydacomp and Gary McDougall, the president and CEO as well as founder of ChannelBrain, who has now assumed the role of Dydacomps Vice President of Production Integration.

    “Joining Dydacomp is a natural progression for ChannelBrain,” says Gary MacDougall, former President/CEO and founder of ChannelBrain. “There has been a growing interest from our customers to offer more comprehensive solutions to help them increase their eCommerce sales. The depth of experience in order management solutions provided by Dydacomp supports this growing demand.”

    BizSyncXL features in conjunction with M.O.M. include:

    • The ability to create products as well as update existing ones, and to inventory and calculate prices directly from M.O.M. including all image attachments.
    • The ability to order full status integration, as well as update tracking numbers and status updates from M.O.M. to your shopping cart.
    • The ability to automatically update pricing, product quantity and data.

    More Info On Dydacomp

    The Dydacomp Corporation is here to solve business automation needs and order management requirements of any small to mid-sized (SMB) retail and fulfilment businesses. The latest innovation is Freestyle Commerce; it is the next-generation of a cloud based order management system that gives SMB retailers a choice in all of their management for all of their orders. This can be done in the cloud or on premise, and is designed to meet all business requirements. There are more than 2,000 multi-channel merchant that currently use Dydacomp’s Freestyle Commerce, Multichannel Order Manager or (M.O.M.) and siteLink solutions to successfully create full automation for all of their back office operations and to help grow business success. Dydacomp’s clients are involved with more than one million shoppers a day, and generate almost ten million in sales of merchandise every day and mange more than four billion dollars in inventory. For more Info,

  • Most of us use passwords on a daily basis to protect our important information. Sadly, the majority have no idea how to generate a password that is safe. Generate A Password helps you to do this by letting you generate a password that contains everything from uppercase and lowercase letters to numbers and symbols.

    generate a password generate a password - photo courtesy of

    Here are the main reasons why you should use Generate A Password.

    1.    The Threat is Out There

    Cyber crime is on the increase and costs the economies of the world billions of dollars every year. It’s becoming more common and even the largest institutions have suffered major cyber attacks in recent years.

    2.    Most Human Passwords are Predictable

    Hackers use what’s known as brute force attacks to break passwords. It’s where software uses many of the common combinations human computer users tend to come up with. It guesses thousands of passwords per minute. If your password has any flaws in it, you’re under threat.

    3.    Generate A Password is Easy to Use

    All you have to do is select a few of the options on-screen and click a button. You’ll instantly get a new password that falls within the parameters of those options every time. It takes less than thirty seconds to generate a brand new password.

    4.    Computer Effect

    As we discussed earlier, human passwords are easy to predict. Generate A Password uses the latest computer software to come up with passwords. It uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG ensures that the new password is entirely unique and isn’t influenced by any previous passwords it’s created.

    Try Generate A Passwords and share your feedback.

  • Emails are one of the most popular way to send information in the world. People send billions of emails every day, some with extremely sensitive information of a financial or personal nature. Most people don’t think about the fact that it may not be a good idea to send emails containing anything of great importance. Here are five reasons you may want to consider using Send a Password to communicate risk free.

    send a password send a password

    Five Reasons to Use Send a Password

    1. Emails are not secure – Emails were never designed with security in mind. They were never really designed to become as used as they are today. They were used to send basic info, and have become one of the main sources for sending information in the world. Emails can contain information of a very private nature, mobile devices, your personal devices, open networks, and the receiver’s devices are all easily compromised.
    2. Even encrypted data can be used to hurt you – First of all encrypted data is a pain, and in many cases never transfers right in the first place. But even when it does work, the global fields never seem to work right. Things like name, phone number, and address, can all be used to track your online activity. Ask the NSA, they do it all the time.
    3. Safe e-mailing is not happening anytime soon – At the rate its going, safe e-mailing is not happening anytime soon. The reality is that it’s going to be a great number of years if they ever become safe to send at all. This is why a password sender is ideal for anyone looking to send secured information, not only is it safe and secured but can be set to self-destruct after a few days.
    4. The NSA and other creeps monitor e-mails – Believe it or not the NSA is known to monitor emails on a regular basis, and if that wasn’t bad enough, so do a ton of other creeps for their own narrow fulfillment or benefit. It’s creepy to think that right now someone could be reading your private messages of a personal or financial nature.
    5. No device is safe – Regardless of the device that the e-mail is sent from, there is no device that is safe from surveillance. It’s because of this fact that it’s extremely important that you do all you can to protect yourself and your identity. Just one misread email can lead to years of financial pain and struggle, or a unwanted run in with the government.

    Try out Send A Password and share your feedback here.

    All in all the best way to ensure safety is to use a secured password sender so you can sleep easy knowing that all of your most valuable and precious information is one hundred percent secured.

  • Innovation, excitement, and all of the latest breakthroughs throughout the NetSuite ERP world, are just a few examples of what you will experience at SuiteWorld 2104. This three day conference will be jammed packed of information and product demos. The industry leaders present set the standard for what leading ERPs systems are today and in the future.

    NetSuite SuiteWorld 2014 Conference NetSuite SuiteWorld 2014 Conference

    Throughout the three day conference, you can learn from the top professionals in one of the sixteen breakout sessions.

    Netsuite CEO of Netsuite Zach Nelson is one of the keynote speakers, and will kick off the conference and introduce you to what great things to expect. At SuiteWorld 2014 you will be getting the information that allows you to keep your competitive edge. You are guaranteed to learn something new that can help propel your business to the next level.

    If this is going to be your first time at SuiteWorld then you are sure to be surprised and impressed by the solutions presented. Industry leaders and top professionals from every area of the online world will be at SuiteWorld 2014. And because of this opportunity to meet some of the top dogs that are out there, there is no better event than SuiteWorld 2014 to get your feet wet with the people who have the success that you are aiming for.

    Let us know if you’re planning on going to SuiteWorld 2014 and what your expectations are.

  • Shopify has extended its services to host larger businesses by launching the Shopify Plus platform. Shopify Plus is intended to manage high-volume businesses and budding brands, providing them with meticulous e-commerce solutions.

    Shopify Plus Shopify Plus

    Initially Shopify aided small and budding businesses grow by providing them with e-commerce websites. Shopify served e-retailers in creating their own online stores without bearing the hassle of technical work and expense of developing websites. Shopify helped merchants administer all aspects of their shops: marketing products, altering the design, handling credit card payments, management of  the incoming orders and help you fulfill transactions. Businesses can start small and at low costs using the Shopify offer. And then upgrade to Shopify Plus, which starts at $995/month, which makes it very competitive in the enterprise e-commerce platform space.

    Shopify Plus helps big companies handle their growth and help them with their growth. DODOcase, Google and Patagonia are already on the new platform. Most of the businesses have managed to grow tremendously with the help of Shopify Plus.

    The mission of Shopify Plus is to provide the best possible assistance to big enterprises and merchants. Shopify Plus encompasses a team for exclusively addressing the distinctive needs of its patrons. Clients will get admittance to a devoted project manager who assesses their project and supply professional talent for upgrades, an account manager to track your success and ascertain your needs. Clients receive a personalized support phone number /email address for significant issues. Additionally, Shopify Plus provides advanced access to its most recent features which enable you to provide an innovative store front for your business. Merchants gain instant access to a vast array of features and built-in optimizations, ranging from page speed optimization, full PCI compliance to your choice of SSL certificate for your and your customers protection. A comprehensive API allows you to incorporate features beyond the basics and integrate any of your other systems with Shopify Plus.

    Shopify Plus takes care of your infrastructure and lets you handle your business efficiently. It enables you to understand your business and its key processes and provides you with the tools you need to be thrive. If you require support with your website’s maintenance, your Project Manager will design your project and provide you with development expertise for your distinctive needs. Shopify Plus lets your business thrive and grow according to a plan so you can exclusively enjoy its privileges including the modern features and priority support.

    Shopify Plus offers you an added layer of proficiency and continuity for your business to grow. It provides improved features and support that your growing business deserves. Your website’s accessibility is managed by our devoted operations experts. There are Constant upgrades without any interruptions. Shopify Plus adds new features and functionality continuously. These improvements and upgrades take place automatically and are fully managed by Shopify’s expert staff allowing you to persist with business as usual.

  • Accounting software plays a critical role in managing business records. Small business entities are traditionally known to make use of QuickBooks, which is simple and basic bookkeeping software. As your business expands, you may want consider to Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite, a web based application, in order to for your business achieve endless possibilities. When a business expands, it becomes critical to have a complete business accounting solution that ties into all aspects of your operation, allows scalability, increases efficiency and promotes company growth. Firms Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite to automate operations and gain performance visibility in various key business operations. NetSuite built around its accounting capabilities first and foremost, ties into every aspect of your business.

    Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite Accounting Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite Accounting

    In case you are planning to Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite, there are some issues that you must put into consideration.

    1. Data Migration: Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite technically involves moving data from the QuickBooks application to NetSuite. This is an involved and delicate procedure, and you need to ensure that no mistakes are made. In addition, a Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite can become more complicated if your business data was not stored in an organized format and you aim to better organize your data. When this happens, you have to navigate around several challenges to ensure a successful migration. The good news is that NetSuite comes with templates that aid in data migration. Alternatively, you can use a wide variety of 3rd party applications or consultants like Hara Partners.
    2. File Conversion: When moving data from one system to another, you have to deal with issues of file conversion. The same applies when you Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite as the two applications work with different file types. This is an intricate and technical process that needs to be undertaken by an expert with knowledge of converting files to compatible formats.
    3. Error Handling: Migration of data to new platforms can be compromised when data becomes corrupted or is inaccurate. Data is vital for business operations and, therefore, steps have to be taken to ensure that data accuracy is not compromised at any stage of the Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite. Before moving any data, you need to ensure that all your data is securely backed up just in case something goes wrong with the migration. Once the Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite has been completed, it is also wise to check for errors and verify whether the migrated data is a true reflection of the business.
    4. Cost of Migration: There are costs that are associated with the platform change and Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite. Before embarking on migrating information, you need to get the exact quote of how much it will cost to move data from QuickBooks to NetSuite.
    5. Service Provider Expertise: Data migration is a technical process that should only be carried out by firms or individuals who are qualified and well versed with the procedure. When you use a professional, you are guaranteed that the Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite will be smooth and successful.
  • What is EDI? EDI is the abbreviation for Electronic Data Interchange that facilitates the computer to computer communication with trade partners in standardized data formats. Businesses usually create and exchange a staggering amount of data. Needless to say it takes enormous time and effort to interface this information with other businesses and systems so as to keep going smoothly.

    What is EDI - Electronic Data Interchange What is EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

    Electronic Data Interchange solutions are intended to assist you in managing the task of exchanging data securely and accurately. Since digital is the new norm, EDI facilitates the creation, storage as well as communication of data in electronic form. You have to take into consideration the increased time limits, possible errors from mistyping and how wrongly logged information can affect an organization’s profits, to wholly understand what is EDI.  EDI also helps create a positive effect on the environment as what is EDI doing now at an instant was once done manually or by systems without standards.

    If your business still relies heavily on manual labor to copy data from one system into another, you may see a lot of “wasted time” to do so, associated errors, which may result in more errors and wasted time.

    Why not automate your data exchange with EDI?

    EDI can help you streamline your operations and minimize overhead.

    What is EDI is best explained by the fact that it acts as automation tool for all the document management processes that was used earlier by a human. EDI is also more effective in detecting errors in documents. Errors in business documents can seriously hamper your business and a limit on the overall efficiency. EDI can help with this.

    EDI can process hundreds of documents at one tenth the time of what would have been taken by a manual agent. As time translates into money in the corporate world, EDI ultimately enables your business to run on its own, and you can spend your staff’s time on more valuable tasks.

    EDI is extremely user-friendly and enables users achieve EDI integration at different levels, the EDI can be customized to best suit the company’s operational requirements. Enterprises can enable an EDI device to be very complex or as simple in accordance with their task demands. You can setup additional reports and error tracking on your basic EDI. Speak to our experts at Hara Partners to learn more about add-on services.

    It’s not a surprise that EDI can be found in all kinds of industries ranging from Banking, Finance and Insurance Sectors, governmental organizations, IT and Telecom companies, utilities, consumer goods and retail and a host of other industrial verticals.

    To justify the need of EDI for your businesses, you should first calculate the total time and money spend in doing the current manual processes and the gains you could have by implementing an EDI system. In today’s world of cut throat competition, if organizations are looking at ways to be more competent and gain viable advantage, then the speculation of migrating to an EDI solution is something that businesses should strongly consider.

  • IKEA Modern Cribs Offer a Good Pick for Your New Ones



    These days, there are a lot of choices on the Internet for your young one's baby cribs. We have previously mentioned Oeuf as a hot company to buy cribs from. Our next pick will actually be a much more familiar name for some of our readers.

    IKEA's cribs are "rigourously tested to ensure they meet the strictest safety standards that exist in the world." Some of the prices that are available on their site are also very affordable. A SNIGLAR crib, for instance, will cost $69.99.

    The site offers children's products ranging from cribs, crib mattresses, baby textiles, storage furniture, and children's lighting. IKEA's variety and offerings of their specialty and brand shows that they have clearly been in the game for a long time.

    Originally founded in Sweden in 1943, IKEA currently owns and operates 351 stores n 43 countries. The company's website contains 12,000 products in addition to their cribs.

    You know the deal: if you're a mommy, you'll need a crib for your baby. IKEA is just one of the many baby crib manufacturers that you can buy from, but the benefit of buying from IKEA is that they are a recognizable brand name.

    Though some of their cribs are definitely cheap, you might also want to consider if you would like to buy a crib that costs as much as $199. Some of the extra features of the cribs listed on their website are the drawers, which is a great feature that not every crib will come with.

    Another factor to consider is the color of each crib. IKEA's website, for instance, features a lot of cribs in white—but maybe you want your baby to sleep in a black crib. These are all important considerations that you'll need to consider when shopping for your newborn.

  •  Oeuf Cribs: the Hot New E-Commerce Commodity



    Recently, there's been a new trend on the front-end for E-Commerce: baby cribs. 

    While furniture e-commerce itself is still in its infancy, expecting mothers who have been searching online for cribs may have stumbled upon items sold by manufacturers such as Oeuf.  

    Oeuf claims to sell "sophisticated, thoughtful and beautiful designs that are all about function too."

    The company also prides itself for its environmental consciousness. This is not the most common claim for a baby-crib manufacturer, seeing as how very few environmentalists seem to be knocking down those companies' doors.

    Taken from Oeuf's website: "Oeuf has made it its mission to ensure environmentally sound products starting with the choice of materials to the manufacturing processes to the selection of recycled packaging."

    Of course, Oeuf is not the only online baby crib manufacturer that cares about the environment. has many selections from various companies that are marketing to expecting mothers who need cribs.

    As can be seen from the image above, the cribs come in a variety of selections, colors, and prices. If one were to research this carefully, they could also see that the materials can be quite different for all of them.

    Cribs sold by manufacturers such as Oeuf can start as low as $150, and sell as high as $970. Our specific example even has a 'Classic Changing Station,' which is sold at $260. But remember, if you really need to change your kid, price is only but a number.

    While the war of brick-and-mortar vs. online will likely continue to reign even in the domain of baby cribs, it's certain that many expecting mothers will be considering Oeuf, or any other manufacturer that will give them a great crib for a good price—that way when it's time for delivery, they'll have a place to put their newborn kids.

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