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  • dotMailer is a new entrant into the US email marketing provider scene, and offers a tight Magento integration. Why should you bother? What makes dotMailer different from all the other email service providers?

    First off all, dotMailer belongs to the entry-level email service providers as explained in our recent post Email Service Providers for E-commerce Explained.

    That said, we were impressed by Dave Littlechild's presentation on around the effectiveness of marketing emails, or the lack thereof. We are pleased to give you our Hara Partners review. Dave showed some impressive, or rather embarrassing, mistakes that any merchant should avoid at all cost.

    dotMailer is the largest email marketing provider in the UK and has an impressive user base of over 50,000 merchants. It provides a seamless integration into Magento, allowing any Magento merchant to take full advantage of the great number of features dotMailer brings to the table, including full data synchronization between dotMailer and Magento, customer segmentation based on past behavior and analytics, and automated emails for birthdays or follow ups.

    You can find all details here:

    In addition to the Magento Meetup presentation, Hara Partners had the pleasure to receive a walk-through and review on some of the features that may make dotMailer so attractive to many Magento merchants.

    At the top of the list was the ease with which it allows beautiful and effective emails to be created using it's drag & drop editor. We feel this feature would be very helpful for any e-commerce and Magento merchant.

    In addition, dotMailer comes with impressive tracking and personalization features. You are able to search for what products customers have viewed and bought, how recent their last visit to your website was, where they are located and much more. Based on that data you can generate campaigns and automated follow ups. And you will be able to do these things with a reasonable learning curve. Using the dotMailer Magento module will import all relevant data from Magento into the dotMailer platform.

    See for yourself how to setup email triggers and metrics with a few clicks.

    If you have any questions about dotMailer or how it works with Magento, please contact us using the form below, or use the comments section at the bottom ask questions and request a demo.

  • Hara Partners creates and launches the WebsiteAlive Live Chat Magento Module on Magento Connect.

    WebsiteAlive Live Chat Magento Module WebsiteAlive Live Chat Magento Module

    What makes the WebsiteAlive Live Chat different from all the other live chat solutions on the market? WebsiteAlive provides the only fully PCI compliant live chat in the world. Do you have customer provide personal information or even credit cards over your live chat? Then you may be looking at a compliance issue.

    WebsiteAlive serves top teams in all the major leagues, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL. Realizing that taking credit card payments for thousands of dollars over live chat is a huge problem, WebsiteAlive took matters in their own hands and revolutionized live chat by making it fully PCI-compliant.

    Using the WebsiteAlive live chat Magento module is as easy as using the one-click install provided through Magento Connect in every Magento admin panel. Call us if you have problems and we will help you got get up to speed in no time.

    What's more the WebsiteAlive provides the AliveConcierge service to help you staff the live chat at all times without setting aside your valuable staff. AliveConcierge can field questions or act as an initial call answering service. All AliveConcierge agents are highly trained to provide the optimal customer experience and progress the sales process and cultivate valuable leads for you.

    Learn more about the WebsiteAlive Live Chat solution at:

  • After installing Magento, the Magento error reporting has been turned off by default in the more recent versions. This can make troubleshooting difficult if you're trying to get to the bottom of some problems.

    The default error page looks nondescript like the following:

    There has been an error processing your request
    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.
    Error log record number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    How to get errors to print onto your screen?

    Locate the errors folder located in the Magneto root folder.
    Rename the local.xml.sample file to local.xml
    This will output all errors to the screen like the ones we post here from time to time.

    How to save all errors into a folder?

    In order to redirect the error output into a folder, look for the file:
    /lib/Zend/Cache/Backend/File.php under the Magento root.

    Change the following code:
    protected $_options = array(
    'cache_dir' => 'null',

    Specify the folder to save the errors in:
    protected $_options = array(
    'cache_dir' => 'errors/',

    This will save all error files into the "errors" folder. You may want to create a sub-folder.

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