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  • Magento Community vs. Magento Enterprise

    Magento Community vs Magento Enterprise Magento Community vs Magento Enterprise


    Magento Community vs Magento Enterprise

    Since we’re looking at Magento Community and Magento Enterprise let’s get started with what Magento itself has to say about their two editions. The following is from the official Magento page:

    What is the Magento Community Edition?

    Magento was born as open source software. The reason this edition is called “Community” has its basis in these origins. This means that you, and anyone around the world, are free to download Magento, and make any modifications you may need to suit your requirements. Magento has had tremendous growth and with this growth there are now over a million people around the world who have downloaded Magento, and many of those have developed customizations, extensions and other changes. The Magento community connects on the Magento Community site forums to share their knowledge, assist each other, exchange tips and tricks and to offer support. Development of the Magento Community Edition continues at a rapid pace through this model, providing a basic and powerful solution for small shops looking for a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform.

    What is the Magento Enterprise Edition?

    Magento Enterprise Edition shares the same base as Magento Community Edition. However, as Magento adoption continues to rapidly increase, there are retailers who require more than the community can provide. Some need advanced features and deep customization, some require major functionality changes, and others require a higher level of support through Service Level Agreements. There are many reasons for this, ranging from business requirements to traffic considerations, catalog size and even the types of services retailers wish to provide. The Magento Enterprise Edition is therefore fully supported by the Magento team. Magento invests considerable resources for development and continued support of Magento Enterprise Edition and provides a longer support life cycle. This stable base, which can be easily customized if needed, offers exclusive advanced features and is backed by a solid support contract giving organizations the solution they need for a production ready, enterprise grade eCommerce platform with the full confidence of an SLA.

    In a nutshell, all Magento Editions share the same genes at the core, but target very different needs. If you find yourself with more questions read below for a more detailed break down of some common questions.

    The Magento Community Edition software is and always will be free of charge. It is available on an as-is basis to anyone wishing to download it and is supported by the community primarly through the Magento Discussion Forum. The Magento Enterprise Edition is available through a subscription which offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) backed by Magento’s dedictated support team. Support is provided via email and/or phone. Magento Enterprise Edition subscribers also receive additional exclusive features, product enhancements including priority patches for critical and security updates as part of their subscription plan. Magento Enterprise licenses start at $15,550 per year. Please see the Enterprise Pricing page for more details.

  • BlueSnap is a true International Payment Solution helping merchants take payment and remove hurdles. As the video "Complicated Checkout Experience at e-Lemonade Stand" demonstrates there are many hurdles to take money, and as our adviser once explained "it's an art to take the money." By this he meant how smooth and seamless a transaction can be handled as opposed to many online shopping experiences. Think Apple store where they have done away with cash registers entirely. And compare this to many other shopping experiences we have, online and in retail stores.

    Going international and finding an international payment solution has been practically impossible so far. Let's take a look at two countries: Germany, and the Netherlands:

    Germany Payment Methods Germany Payment Methods
    Netherlands Payment Methods Netherlands Payment Methods

    These are all valid payment methods and the consequences of not supporting all of them can mean making or missing an order. These countries also don't represent exceptions, but are typical.

    BlueSnap provides a superior solution to this problem and is worthwhile considering for any merchant who conducts business overseas and needs an international payment solution.

    Contact us for further questions and help with considering BlueSnap, the leading International Payment Gateway, and developing a strategy for your international payment solution.

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  • Email Service Providers for E-commerce are numerous and diverse. Email is still the number one sales tool and conversion driver.

    Email Service Providers for E-Commerce Email Service Providers for E-Commerce

    First of all how do you make sense of all the email providers? From email service providers with names ranging from Abeedle to Zrinity, with over a hundred other options in-between, how do you select the "right" one?

    Basically, email service providers come in three tiers.

    1. The entry-level tier starts for free for the basic offering. And more advanced and high volume services require a subscription fee. Some of the largest email marketing providers fall into this category. The entry-level email marketing providers support tens of thousands of merchants and help deliver hundreds millions of emails every month or every week.

    2. The mid-level tier is a more specialized group that starts at around $300-500/month and offers sophisticated tracking, follow up and conversion tools. Popular examples include triggers to send follow up emails for abandoned carts, automated email follow ups to request reviews and ratings, or after purchase follow ups for customer service. The mid-lever tier has specialized engines that allow a layman to click together sophisticated rules and some services include periodic training to allow you make the most out of the tools provided.

    3. The top-level tier are full-service providers that take over your entire email marketing effort. Charges are much higher to cover staffing cost and often include performance based incentives where the services takes a share of (additional) revenue.

    We hope this overview is helpful to you. If you have specific questions such as what tier your email service provider belongs to or how your needs are being met, please post a comment below.



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