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  • NetSuite ERP credit:

    Attention e-tailers! NetSuite, the premier SaaS ERP solutions provider, has released exciting details about its upcoming new release, NetSuite Version 2013.1. Feature enhancements acknowledge customers’ concerns and requests, delivering a truly versatile NetSuite ERP platform with enough horsepower to accommodate even the most demanding users.


    Netsuite ERP Features


    Sandbox Accounts

    The Sandbox Accounts page now affords granular control to administrators. You’ll be able to manage data as soon as it’s available and request a refresh directly without consulting NetSuite support first, complete with a turnaround estimate and live progress tracking. In some cases, refresh automation will reduce the time commitment by up to 50%. Full refresh summaries will include refreshes used, refreshes remaining, refresh requests by personnel, real-time status, time-stamped snapshots, and plenty of other details. Functionality handles multiple sandboxes and enables GSI/PS practices, significantly easing project timetables and Release Engineering.

    Improved Security: Two-Factor Authentication with RSA SecurID

    This enterprise-class module tightens NetSuite ERP login security for roles with access to sensitive data, adding support for RSA SecurID hardware tokens. Two-factor authentication requires users to provide a unique one-time password (OTP) in addition to standard username and password credentials. Additional administrative utilities permit uploading of files containing token seeds and management of user-token association.


    SuiteBundler: Refined SuiteApp Upgrade Management


    Introducing selective control over the SuiteApp upgrade and install-base processes—filter upgrades by version and/or geographical region, tailoring everything to your schedule. Furthermore, partners and ISVs using Managed Bundles will be able to customize upgrade rollouts by end-customer category.  Release administrators can define account notification lists for upcoming upgrades or new versions of SuiteApp. The simplified, intuitive mechanism should prove a boon for developers everywhere.


    [derived from a blog post on 848 Group's blog]


  • Magento design

    Last week Hara Partners helped Suno - a fashion label based in New York with Kenyan roots - to enter the online marketplace with a more competitive edge. We worked with a design firm to implement Magento design and hosting for front and backend functionality of

    Suno started in 2009 and since then has expanded production to 4 countries on 3 continents. This global scope is the reason Suno needed a stylish and functional online store which can handle inventory and orders from a variety of sources accurately and efficiently. Magento was the ideal platform due to its ability to handle a near unlimited amount of traffic. Suno chose Hara Partners for our expertise and track record of great Magento design and hosting capabilities.

    Besides our usual technical Magento integration and hosting we had our talented coders to set up the Suno fashion blog. Drawing upon our extensive Magento design experience we implemented an elegant and easy to use video feature into the website. This feature makes it easy for Suno to post product videos directly into the details section of each products page. Basically that means that when you shop at you don’t just read about the products, you see them in action!

    If your business can benefit from fantastic and innovative back to front end Magento design and hosting visit

  • Hara Partners is no stranger to web redesign. Our clients often ask us to help update their online storefront in addition to providing the backend Magento technology. In this spirit we have redesigned for Crumbs Bake Shop. We even created and incorporated the Magento Flavor Picker to help Crumbs customers feel like they are shopping in a real physical bakery.

    We cleaned up the overall design and rebranded with a contemporary look and feel, meeting the needs of the growing cupcake giant. Form and function go hand-in-hand with the redesigned Flavor Picker, which provides the most seamless shopping experience of its kind. Hara Partners also provided the product photography to complete the look. Building on these gorgeous images we integrated the Magento Flavor Picker, a beautiful and easy way to shop for cupcakes.

    Magento flavor picker Screen shot of new website with 6-pack seletor.

    The new layout and clutter-free interface is designed to emphasize the delectable guilty pleasures without distraction. The Magento Flavor Picker and high quality photography are in line with the highest quality ingredients and standards representing Crumbs.

    Share your feedback with us and visit at the risk of side-stepping your diet.

    old website Screen shot of old website
  • Magento Addrexx

    Hara Partners is launching a partnership with Addrexx, an address lookup and verification service. Using the Magento Addrexx address lookup module allows merchants to leverage one of the largest databases available for address and names to significantly improve conversion.

    Addrexx boasts one of the largest first and last name databases from all over the world. Once Addrexx is integrated with your Magento store it will automatically open in a new window when you click on the name or address field. Then Addrexx queries it's database to help you complete the entry without typing everything out by hand. At the same time it verifies the name and address to make sure that it actually exists. After the information is entered Addrexx automatically sends it back to your Magento database. Addrexx is used in a variety of industries, from businesses and law enforcement agencies to universities and even the medical field.

    Hara Partners provides an advanced integration unique to the market, beating comparable products in speed and data quality. After we perform the Magento Addrexx integration with your system you will save countless hours when entering and verifying names and addresses.

    If you're looking to shorten your checkout process through auto-completion of customer data and at the same time increase data accuracy, contact us to schedule a demo.

  • NetSuite Magento Connector credit:


    Hara Partners is proud to offer the NetSuite Magento Connector, an integration package that facilitates data flow and enterprise-strength interaction between your Magento platform and NetSuite’s business management software. Streamlined architecture, intuitive user experience, and impressive out-of-the-box functionality come together in this one-system solution. The NetSuite Connector installs cleanly and rapidly, permanently eliminating dependence on third-party middleware.


    What to Expect from the NetSuite Magento Connector

    Improved Architecture
    NetSuite’s familiar, powerful toolkit remains in place—Magento integration preserves reporting, data mapping, multiple transport protocols, graphical metrics, and customizable business logic in a centralized dashboard. All relevant activity can be accessed as you prefer, in NetSuite or Magento, or both.
    Improved User Experience
    End user actions drive real-time reporting data on your end, displaying errors and metrics where and when they occur. Direct Magento integration with actual NetSuite data noticeably improves performance and responsiveness, bypassing difficulties that other Magento API based solutions experience.
    We recognize NetSuite's and Magneto's competencies by using their native environments, enabling fluent building and maintenance without the need to learn third-party technologies. We are intimately familiar with both platforms.
    How Does It Work?
    The NetSuite Magento Connector centers most tasks and reports in one location, saving you significant time and effort in the process. Included features:

    • NetSuite synchronizes a daily inventory with Magento.
    • Built-in monitoring scans Magento for pending new orders periodically (e.g. real-time, every 30 min). New orders are automatically transferred to NetSuite with any pertinent product information is passed along.
    • Products can be created and populated with any number of fields in Magento and NetSuite (the most common data includes: SKU, Manufacturer, Name/Part Number, Description, Cost, Price, Inventory Item Type, Preferred Vendor, etc.)


    Contact us to see how our Netsuite Magento Connector integration can benefit your business!

  • A great talk from Yoav Kutner in 2012, former CTO of Magento, shortly after leaving Magento.

    He speaks on the history of Varien, which became the Magento company, and his view on software development


  • A lot of companies come to us with buggy or non-responsive websites because they know we’re in the business of sorting out Magento woes. Our Magento Health Check is a powerful first step in rectifying these frustrating situations—it combines automated site analysis with attention from our dedicated Magento developers to formulate the best plan of attack. That said, many entrepreneurs are wary of over-committing or taking irreversible steps in the site audit process. Put another way, they want to see what they’re getting themselves into before taking action. If you feel this way, check out these Magento Health Check screenshots of the results package we send out to our clients. You’ll see performance graphs, detailed technical documentation, and a breakdown of site health by category.


    Magento Health Check Sample Images


    Magento Health CheckMagento Health Check

    We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have. We’re confident that we can help you find the Magento solution that works for your business. Contact us today!

  • The Internet is teeming with thieves who specialize in e-commerce targets. The problem won’t go away on its own, and most developers aren’t naturally equipped to outfit your site with top-notch security. Enter SignatureLink, “the retail industry’s online loss prevention partner" and your guide to e-commerce fraud prevention.


    e-commerce fraud


    SecureBuy by SignatureLink is the world’s only all-in-one e-commerce fraud prevention solution. It offers not only frontline protection and stabilization, but also mitigated financial risk and overall cost reduction for the online and mobile payment cycle. As an end-to-end automated solution, it dramatically reduces users’ time commitment and eliminates the need for multiple narrow-focus fraud-screening applications, not to mention human capital expenses associated with manual review.


    Key E-commerce Fraud Prevention Features


    • Pre-gateway authentication to bypass unnecessary transaction fees
    • Authentication risk shifted to issuing banks
    • Interchange rate advantages
    • Profit-boosting measures to drive down false positive rejections
    • In-line biometric signature pad for shopping cart/mobile device application, a revolutionary method of retaining forensic proof to win chargebacks
    • Variable-speed transactions based on authentic risk evaluation



    SecureBuy offers a seamless experience for customers and eases the burden for online merchants. SignatureLink operates on the principle that retailers should be offered the same defense against e-commerce fraud as they are against card-present schemes. Check out their website for more details on SecureBuy, including Magento compatibility, video demos, and a free 30-day trial.


  • Riding the wave of recent e-commerce solutions such as flash-sale and daily deal sites comes the latest innovation: vertically integrated e-commerce. According to Wikipedia, vertical integration describes a “style of management control…” in which “…companies in a supply chain are united through a common owner.” This style of logistics organization offers companies greater control over each aspect of the retail chain – from fabrication, to assembly, through shipping – and, perhaps most important, pricing. And while vertical integration has long been a successful business tactic in commerce and industry it’s only now making an impact on the way retail is done online.

    So why does it work as an e-commerce solution?


    The biggest challenge facing any online retailer is competing with the big boys, namely Amazon. Now, with vertical integration e-tailers have the capability to create full product catalogues that are exclusive thereby avoiding any head-to-head competition with others online. In addition, offering a distinctive, unique line of products - in other words defining and filling a niche - allows e-tailers to craft a brand image and capitalize on the customer loyalty that follows.

    e-commerce solution


    The traditional retail supply chain, the horizontal model, involves separate ownership at each stage of the process and, as a rule, as each middleman becomes involved the end price gets raised, resulting in the inflated prices characteristic of brick-and-mortar retail. Under the vertical model each link in the chain is controlled by the same entity, alleviating this price bloat. That’s good news for consumers since it allows retailers to offer high quality products for a fraction of what they’d cost in the store.

    OK, but what’s the catch?

    Starting a vertically integrated company is extremely difficult, not to mention costly, for multiple reasons. One reason is the significantly increased internal coordination costs associated with the vertical integration model’s structure in which each component is controlled by the same entity; keeping everything in house requires a significant investment in intra-company communication. A second reason is the amplified importance of product design – without a “following” these companies won’t survive – and creating a unique and recognizable brand that consumers buy into is by no means an easy task.

    The tip of the iceberg.

    For now, vertically integrated companies are just a blip on the e-commerce landscape, but with the ability to offer high end merchandise at prices far lower than traditional vendors we’re sure to see more of these brands emerge, and soon. And as prospective e-tailers see how enthusiastically consumers take to these “niche” brands more and more will choose vertical integration business models for their businesses leading to a growth explosion and most likely a spread to fields beyond fashion. For now, the old the old e-commerce model employed by giant e-tailers like Amazon is king, for now…

  • As the internet experience matures web designers are turning to higher-level aesthetics for their e-commerce web design, and to do so they’re adapting a technique from ‘80s video games: parallax scrolling.

    Parallax as a phenomenon refers to the apparent difference in the position of an object when viewed from two different lines of sight, and in humans, as in many others animals, is responsible for depth perception.

    In web design parallax scrolling refers to the effect of having different layers move at different speeds in relation to the viewer, like the way the different layers move in Github’s creative 404 landing page when you mouse over them. Parallax scrolling first gained traction in the design community after Nike featured the scheme in its recent Better World site redesign, and since then thousands of websites have sprung up in the same vein. The question remains however, will parallax just be the lens flare of web2.5, or will the effect demonstrate the lasting power to become a web-design staple.

    The aesthetic gains of parallax scrolling are obvious, the designs are eye-catching and attention grabbing and can lead to a significant increase in the time users spent on a website. In addition, parallax scrolling adds an interactive dimension simply unmatched by standard web designs, an especially attractive attribute for companies that need to showcase a product in a memorable way, like Nike did in their Air Jordan 2012 site.

    Additionally, parallax scrolling gives developers more control over user’s vision paths making it easy to highlight certain information or draw a visitor’s attention to a specific area on the page. The design also creates a funnel effect whereby users are lead directly to your most vital call to action buttons simply by following the narrative.

    Making a website that features parallax scrolling isn’t all roses, however. The effect is simply a hassle to create; you could code it (with much difficulty) using JavaScript/jQuery but it may load slowly or scroll choppily – both virtual death sentences for websites. Or you could code it in CSS3 but you’d still need to rely on JavaScript to handle the varying scroll speeds, and even more important, CSS3 isn’t yet supported on all major browsers and mobile devices. Furthermore, since parallax design displays content as one page your site is essentially limited to one title tag and one meta description which can lead to serious a SEO dropoff.

    activate drinks parallax activate drinks parallax

    So will parallax scrolling become a design staple? The answer is we still don’t know. In the meantime though, parallax scrolling has its place in web design, namely for artsy pages trying to outshine their competition and e-commerce sites large enough to overcome any SEO difficulties the tech proposes.


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