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  • We set out to hiring Magento developers by attending:

    The Silicon Alley Talent Fair took place at the 69th Regiment Armory on a warm NYC day of June 15th.

    Hara Partners was joined by over 150 other companies to scout and pull talent that showed up at the fair.
    And the turn out was not a disappointment with over 60 great interviewees in this 'speed dating' scenario!

    Vernon and Shanel represented Hara Partners at the Armory.
    To keep Vernon and Shanel going for the crazy and fun full-day event, SATF offered food, drinks & beer, ping pong tournaments, and great music.  Thank you SATF!

    Shanel at the Hara Partners booth, getting a sugar rush and excited to meet new talent!

  • On June 8th, 2011 the NY Magento Meetupgroup gathered at Hara Partners' office.

    During this meeting we went  over the rules of thumbs of Product Photography for E-commerce Businesses.

    The agenda breakdown  :

    • General information about photo shoots
    •  Business objectives & how to start planning
    •  Product photography & how it relates to E-commerce
    •  Pitfalls and rules of thumbs

    Richu and Mai get silly for the camera!

    After a long day of work and a fun and informative meeting, its time to mingle and have some drinks at STITCH Bar & Lounge!  What a great way to end a great day!

  • Photographer Jeff Mikkelson, Make up artist Anna Weber, and Hara Partners,
    photo session for Lauren Ferguson.

    Jeff Mikkelson is a NYC based Photographer where his editorial and advertising shots appear regularly around the globe.
    Anna Weber is a freelance make-up artist perfected from Paris' school of thought.
    Lauren Ferguson is the graceful model who can regularly be seen in the modern dance industry.
    Hara Partners is happy to support the crafts of such talented artists with their fashion photography.

  • Andrew Lipovsky is a New York photographer with awe-inspiring skillz in this cuttnig edge Fashion Photoshoot.

    Glow Model Management and Hara Partners we were able to produce some fierce/darling images for GLOW's line-up of models.

  • FIRST Ever HaraPartners' Dog Day

    Was on June 7, 2011

    A study shows that 1 in 5 U.S. companies allow pets at work.

    HaraPartners now joins companies such as Google INC that will allow furry creatures to work.

    Napoleon will be one of the pets joining HaraPartners

    A Few Reasons why it's a GOOD Idea for a Pet Day!

    According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association:
    • 73% of the companies surveyed said pets create a more productive work environment.
    • 27% reported a decrease in employee absenteeism.
    • 73% indicated pets led to a more productive work environment.
    • 96 % said pets created positive work relations.
    • 58% of employees stayed late with pets in the office.

    Pets make our Lives better and don't make us feel like losers :)

    • Pets improve your mood and make you smile
    • Pet owners have lower blood pressure
    • Dogs encourage you to exercise
    • Watching fish swim can be a form of meditation and help you sleep
    • Having a pet gives you something to talk about with like-minded people so can help build social networks
    • Pets are great listeners and some are very empathetic. Crying will usually elicit a lot of sympathy from your pet.

    PETIQUETTES (Always keep in mind that you are at work and you are working.)

    Below are a few things to consider when bringing your pooch to work

    Make sure you pet has a comfortable bed!

    Make sure your pets are well socialized!
    Woof! Make sure your Pet is Groomed! (you know bathed and un-stinky)

    Avoid toys that squeak! *Remember pets are to help the work environment* :)
  • Magento is an open source E-commerce platform, which allows merchants complete control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store.  With that being said, eBay Inc and Magento have reached an agreement.

    eBay is evolving to become a strategic commerce partner focused on delivering new ways for merchants of all sizes to drive innovation and results. As a centerpiece of this strategy, they are building a global, open commerce platform that leverages the worldwide developer community. And Magento will be at the core of this new open commerce platform, called "X.Commerce."

    Future opportunities will be created and since Hara Partners is a solutions partner, this is great news!

    ( Visit Magento’s blog for original post)

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