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  • MacarOns Cafe was featured on NBC in New York. Check it out:

  • SAINT WOBIL's Spring and Fall 2011 collections balance an eccentric lifestyle with eloquence and prestige.  Darius Wobil, designer and CEO and Chris Watkis, brand manager, placed their trust in HARA Partners to design and produce their lookbooks for their trendsetting lines.

    Featured in many hi-profile articles like Italian Vogue, the fashion industry is recognizing the company as a source for fresh ideas and outstanding design and craftsmanship.  HARA Partners is proud to have their support and business.

    Saint Wobil Fall 2011 Womens Excerpt
    Saint Wobil Fall 2011 Mens Excerpt
    Spring 2011 Womens Excerpt
     Spring 2010 Mens Excerpt
    Darius Miles - CEO and Designer

  • March 11, 2011 was the date Apple released its follow up to the hyper-popular iPad.
    Here's a little story about HARA Partners' Richu Leong who bought his iPad 2:

    ipad T H E A P P L E I P A D 2

    Richu is a tech at heart and over the years, he has steadily moved from Blackberrys and PCs to iPhones and now the iPad (but he still works on a PC - which is acceptable as he is a hard-core programmer). And on March 11, 2011, Richu and Sam bought the new iPad 2 'online'!  Well actually, they waited on a line for hours, through snow storms, flying locusts, and annoying mimes in imaginary boxes asking for real money.

    ipad The wait was worth it


    We like the iPad Granny Smith Apple green case!
    Proud owner of an iPad 2 complete with wire AND charger!
    And then this guy came along...

    OK, moral of the story is... Don't balance iPads on top of your head and as soon as you get your Granny Smith Apple green cover... PUT IT ON!

  • SHAE New York is a luxury womens apparel line that houses some of the most beautiful tops and scarves in the world.  From casting and negotiations to shoot day and retouching for final files, Hara Partners made everything possible for our wonderful friends at SHAE.

    HARA Partners' own, Paula Sanders stylized and managed the entire shoot concept with SHAE's creative director and head designer.  Photography was shot by HARA Partners' Vernon Fong, make-up and hair was provided by the very talented, RaeDawn Johnson, and the beautiful Beth Mondie (from our friends at Fenton Moon - Hi Wendy!) fit perfectly as the SHAE girl.

    shae MU&H, RaeDawn Johnson on the left - Stylist, Paula Sanders on the right

    Shot at Fashion Tower Studios, their Fall 2011 line was conceptualized to shoot on a natural, white-wall background to display SHAE's contemporary line in a soft, sexy tone.  The day was fun as Beth really was giving a lot of life to the shoot... and for that we just had to put some of her funky faces to show you that this girl's got variety! :)

    shae Lights, Make-up & hair touch ups, hang it just right!

    After testing for lighting and make-up and hair was done, Vernon shot the lights out on this super fun day!  Wow, Beth and SHAE were made for each other... Just check out some of the final selects.

    shae SHAE New York Fall 2011 Contemporary Line

    HARA Partners will also be re-branding SHAE's logo and website, so to be continued!

  • Dylan & Rose is a young, contemporary clothing line for the girl that is not afraid to mix and match, creating unique outfits that express her individual style and identity.  For the Fall 2011 look book project, D&R commissioned Hara Partners and Fashion Tower Studios to produce the shoot, retouching, layout & printing for their Fall 2011 look book.  Props to James Ryang - photographer, Jessie Cohan - stylist, Nora - model, Patricia Iglesias - make up, and Pamela Baumgartner - hair for an awesome project!

    Check out some excerpts from the finished product!

    rose Dylan & Rose Fall 2011 Back n Front Cover Spread
    rose Roses are red...
    rose Violets are blue...
    hot hot hot
    cute, cool n blue

  • FOCUS 2000 is a valued client of HARA Partners, and for the Fall 2011 shoot, everyone had outdone themselves:  Pete Deevakul, photographer, RaeDawn Johnson - Make up & Hair, Jennifer - Model, and the entire FOCUS 2000 crew were on hand at HARA Partners' Fashion Tower Studios to shoot, retouch and layout the Fall 2011 lookbook.
    Take a look at some of the behind the scenes and make sure you keep scrolling to see some finished products!

    FOCUS 2000
    Stylizing the set
    FOCUS 2000
    Prep work, knowledge is half the battle
    FOCUS 2000
    RaeDawn beautifying Jennifer
    Gabby N Jen

    After all was said and done, HARA Partners retouched, art directed and printed FOCUS 2000's Fall 2011 look book just in time for MAGIC show in Las Vegas.  It was a tough assignment, but thanks to Frances Plonka - FOCUS 2000's Designer and the Li family, many people were satisfied in more ways than one.

    FOCUS 2000's Fall 2011 Cover Spread
    Model Jennifer brought in her 6 twin sisters
    Commercial product shots

    Everyone worked hard for this project and the results speak for itself.
    On top of that, everyone had fun, so... this last pic (the shameful BNT mannequin) is for Pete.

    R U...?

  • Here's a quick sample of a working with 'what we've gots'.  Pants didn't fit quite right and budget was a concern.
    Solution?  Holla holla at us and we'll work it.

    You can get wit' this, or...

    Seriously, give us a call as we aim to please all of our clients.

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