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  • In a previous post, I demonstrated some Magento Speed up - basic steps to improve Magento performance.

    Now we are going dig deeper and work on more complicated methods. Many of these methods require addition installation or hands-on tuning, and their effects will vary a lot depending on the exact setup. So the key is to experiment and find out the combination best for your site.

    First, an overview of the key subjects:

    • Improve Magento cache: ramdisk and tempfs
    • PHP Accelerator: Alternative PHP Cache and XCache
    • Keeping connection alive?
    • Combining JavaScript and CSS:  Minify library
    • Magento beyond single server

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  • Let’s begin with the basics of Magento Speed up. Tips here are mainly just configuration tweaks. They are easy to implement and test. And if you don’t like them you can easily revert all your changes. Make sure you restart your service after the configuration change.

    I will cover 5 easy points in this article, additional methods will be explained in the advanced article:

    1. Save the sessions in database
    2. Enable Magento Cache
    3. MySQL Query Cache
    4. Enable file compression in .htaccess
    5. Clean up the template

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    Promote Your Magento Store Via Social Networks: Connecting Facebook and Twitter

    Many of us actively use social network sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote our businesses. A sleek plug-in will allow your Magento store to tap in the 'power of the people,' which will help your products to 'sell themselves.'

    To fully support a social network is an open question. However, there are many quick improvements you can make which will take effect almost immediately.

    Let's begin with Twitter. It's a perfect tool for your customers to follow your website. You can post updates for featured product, promotions, events and etc.

    The advantage for Twitter is that it provides a very straight forward API implementation, cURL is enough to handle the communication.

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