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  • JavaScript and CSS

    Injecting JavaScript and CSS Into Magento Admin Panel Page Head

    The Magento Admin panel is controlled by the Adminhtml module, which does not have a strict layout mapping. This is a problem when we want to add our own JavaScript and CSS to create a new module or improve old modules.

    (This post is a developer's guide.)

    For pages lacking .xml layout, the common method like the following will not work:

    <action method="addJs"><script>jquery/jquery.js</script></action>[/codesyntax]

    Instead, we should directly inject the JS into the 'blocks' given by .php files.

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  • Waitex Receives Happy Holiday Wishes from Hara Partners!

    On Friday, December 17th, Hara Partners enjoyed a beautiful, 29th annual holiday celebration hosted by our client, Waitex. The celebration took place at the  Jing Fong restaurant in the heart of NYC's Chinatown. As a respected, friend, business partner and client, Waitex graciously accepted Hara Partners sponsorship of a $250 photo shoot & print package.  Mai Erne, VP of Development, picked the lucky winner...

    Waitex Hara Partners' Mai Erne draws the lucky winner!

    PING IS THE LUCKY WINNER!!! Congratulations!

    Waitex Mai Erne with Ping, the winner of the photo package prize.

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